What it is? And Where is it?

Can you guess the sound?

Each weekday morning after 8am Radio Wave Breakfast Show play a clip from a certain something on the Fylde Coast, but can you guess what it is and where it is?


CLUE 1 - It's not in FY4

CLUE 2 - It's not in Blackpool

CLUE 3 - The closest guess to the sound so far has been the ramp opening and closing on The Knott End To Fleetwood Ferry

(Clue 3 correct at the time given. A closer guess has since been given...)

CLUE 4 - It Is NOT In Fleetwood

CLUE 5 - It is in FY6 0??

CLUE 6 - PICTURE ON FACEBOOK (Deleted after 200 Likes)


CLUE 8 - Picture on Facebook (taken down after 300 likes)



Wrong Guesses

Latest guess: Gate next to the old phone box and taxi rank in Barton Square, Knott End



Older guesses:

'A chain hoist in the Knott End Fire Station'

'Roller shutter at the Spar in Knott End'

'Roller shutter at the new Co-op in Preesall'

'Cutting machine at Hind Quarters in Knott End'

'Safety barrier coming down on the Fleetwood ferry when it docks at Knott End'

'Millennium Clock, Knott End'

‘A digger at the new Talbot Gateway project’
‘Main gates at the Pleasure Beach’
‘The lift door at the top of The Blackpool Tower’ 'Guillotine in the Tower Dungeons'
'Hammerhead drill at the railway upgrade in Poulton'
'Railway Crossing coming down at Carlton Crossing'
'Iron Bru at the Pleasure Beach'
'Tram coming to a stop on the Promenade'
'Shutters closing at Leonard Dews Blackpool town centre'
'Coin Machine at ASDA Blackpool'
'Turnstiles at Bloomfield Road'
'Tram Depot At Starr Gate'
'Ice Skater coming to a stop at the Pleasure Beach Arena'
'Chain at the top of The Big One when it releases the cart'
'Glass Blowing at Glassform'
'Entry gates at Stanley Park'
'Milk steamer at Starbucks in the town centre'
'Metal being cut at Foulds Metal, Fleetwood'
'Ice Blast ride at the Pleasure Beach"
'Trolley return at ASDA Blackpool'
'Commercial dishwasher at Blackpool Vic Cafe'
'Cutting machine at the Blackpool Rock Fatory'
'Trolley return at Big Tesco'
'Grand National Ride at The Pleasure Beach'
'Tyre changing machine at ATS Euromaster'
'Big Wheel on Central Pier'
'The Orchestra Pit a Blackpool Tower Curcus'
'The 4D cinema at Blackpool Tower Eye'
'The Donkey Derby on the pier’
'Child’s digger at Blackpool Zoo'
'Roadwork Cutting Equipment on Common Edge Road'
'Lifeboat being released'
'Venetian Blind being pulled down at the Radio Wave Studio'
'Shutters closing at 'Pasaje Del Terror'
'Gate cutting equiptment at Fylde Coast Gates'
'Dishwasher being loaded in a Promenade hotel'
'Big Dipper at Blackpool Pleasure Beach'
'Bolt being driven into the new Icon ride'
'Penny press at Blackpool Tower'
'Steeplechase at the Pleasure Beach'
'Charity coin spinner'
'Drinks vending machine at Accent Trampoline Park'
'Trolley return at Morrisons on Amy Johnson Way'
'Arabian Derby on South Pier'
'Cage shutting in Blackpool Tower Dugeons'
'The 7.15 Vending Machine'
'Zip Wire Slide at Park View'
'Model Railway Train In St Annes'
'Guillotine At Tower Dungeons'
'Car going on Scrap heap at Foulds Metals Fleetwood'
'Saw at Chadwicks Blackpool'
'School Gates at Devonshire Rd Primary'
'Building works on Central Pier'
'Helicopter Simulator at Nautical College'
'Gate closing next to Radio Wave'
'Barclays cash machine'
'Printing machine'
'The ramp opening and closing at Knott End Ferry Terminal'
'Coins dropping in a gaming machine at Coral Island'
' The Robot Balls at Ripley's Believe It Or Not'
'Pots And Pans falling on the floor on the Fleetwood Ferry'
'Scissor Gates on North Pier'
'Safety barrier closing on the Fleetwood to Knott End Ferry'
'Fleetwood lifeboat being released'
'Coffee machine at Costa Coffee in St Annes' 
'Golf ball collecting machine at Knott End Golf Club' 
'Tram switching Victoria Rd Cleveleys'
'Swing Bridge at Glasson Dock'
'Metal doors closing at Preesall Fire Station'
'Gates opening, closing at ST AIDENS School'
'Gates closing at over wyre health centre'
'The side gate opening and closing at The Methodist Church Knott End'
'Presall Cemetary Gates'





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