What is it? And Where is it?

Started on 26th November 2018!


CLUE 1...    Its somewhere that families go!!!

CLUE 2...    The Sound is something being rattled!!!

CLUE 3...    The Sound is either in FY2 OR FY3!!!

Some previous guesses:

Slot machine paying out in Coral Island Blackpool

Change machine in Coral Island, Blackpool

The Big Dipper chain at the Pleasure Beach

A chain pulling the car on the Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The coin counter at ASDA in Marton

Road resurfacing equipment at Talbot Gateway in Blackpool

Change machine at Natwest Blackpool

Chain on the Avalanche Pleasure Beach

The bag that holds the letters on a Scrabble board game

Papers being printed at The Gazette office

Bank machine counting money at the Abbingdon Street Yorkshire Bank

Ticket machine in Coral Island

Sewing machine in First Class Kids making school uniform

Ticket machine in the arcade at Blackpool Tower Arcade

Grand National Rollercoaster starting up

Chain on 'Valhalla' at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The 'ICE BLAST' ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The Arial Adventure at Stanley Park

Delivery Doors Sandcastle Water Park

Shutter Doors at Thomas Cook Birley Street

The chain pulling Infusion at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Roller door on the shutter under the bridge at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Change kiosk at Coral Island

Mater Blaster Mechanics at Sandcastle Water Park

Steeplechase ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Change coming out of the till at Fleetwood McDonalds

Charity bucket being shaken outside Blackpool Tower

Paint being mixed at B & Q Blackpool

Charity bucket being shaken outside central pier

Actors rattling cage at Passge Del Terror 

Illumination Buckets as they collect

Change machine at Morrisons Blackpool

Swing at Stanley Park

Lock Stanley Park gate

Bingo machine balls at Haworts Bingo Blackpool

The Children's Diggers at Blackpool Zoo

The disability swing at Stanley Park

The metal chain on the chain bridge at Stanley Park







Cover art for Sk8Er Boi

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Max Mallen playing Avril Lavigne - Sk8Er Boi